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Functions of English in Puerto Rico. In order to have a random sample, I selected every sixth profile.

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Jacques Maurais and Michael A. The one moment you doze off is the moment it all happens. She had been on the streets every night since the scandal broke. Her use of this form of netspeak is evidence that Spanish is the daily language of Puerto Ricans regardless of their knowledge of English. Specific aspects of Spanish, and Puerto Rican netspeak, were seen in the comment sections of all three profiles. Spelling Netspeak also pertains to the spelling of particular words. Puerto Ricans generally refer to aspects of the Windows interface in English, despite the fact that the interface can be changed to Spanish. The new and the old merged, where two worlds and many culture fused, creating an island of sharp contrasts.

The bigger question was not so much whether the crisis would lead to a new model for climate resilience, but whether the existing system would even be up and running by the next hurricane season. Westport, CT: Praeger. Through MySpace. All three of the pages, for the most part, are absent of accents and tildes, which are customary in standard varieties of Spanish, but can take additional time to type in on [ ] a standard English keyboard the primary keyboard used in Puerto Rico.

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Hence, any language discussion in Puerto Rico is inherently political Morris During its busiest period after the storm, one store in San Juan was selling about generators a day.

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