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The Guardian. On the East. These notions are being challenged due to emergence of non-traditional security threat perception i.

Due to its geostrategic importance, Malacca Strait has become central to major maritime actors such as China, Japan, India, Australia as well as Indonesia, which acts like a bridge.

International Studies Quarterly, 35 2p.

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Neorealist Barry Buzan in his book 'People, States and Fear' has propounded the three level of analysis of security, where each of these dimensions refers to a different of levels i. There are number of the reasons to the rise of the Piracy which differs from regions specific social, economic and political circumstances.

Indonesia has also undertaken several serious steps along with Malaysia, having deployed two warships as a joint patrol to target pirated attacks in On June 30,India opened a key naval station, named the 'INS Baaz', aimed at enhancing the country's ability to monitor the choke point and also extending its strategic reach in the region.

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Peace and security of the world is one of the most concerned aspects in UN, which has scored many successful interventions despite few negative remarks. Despite of critiques regarding the success and effectiveness of UN, it has made a tremendous effort towards achieving security of human being. Vidal, John. Washington: Potomac Books, Despite of number of actions and considerations, the escalating environmental degradation adds catalysts to recognise, UN as ineffective in protecting environment too. Roberts, A. It is observed that the most of the Piracy incident took place around the failed sates, for instance, Somalia, Ethiopian and Yemen.
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