What are the main points of the 95 theses

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The overall thrust of the document was nonetheless quite provocative. This shameless preaching of pardons makes it hard even for learned men to defend the pope's honor against calumny or to answer the indubitably shrewd questions of the laity. And the church needed the money because Pope Leo X back in Rome was literally bankrupting the church by building St.

Ninety-five Theses The iconic first thesis states, "When our Lord and Master Jesus Christ said, 'Repent,' he willed the entire life of believers to be one of repentance.

What are the main points of the 95 theses

Imperfect piety or love on the part of the dying person necessarily brings with it great fear; and the smaller the love, the greater the fear. Yet is the Pope's absolution and dispensation by no means to be contemned, since it is, as I have said, a declaration of the Divine Absolution.

God help me.

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The pamphlet contained 95 points that he felt should be argued at an academic level. Because love grows by works of love, man thereby becomes better. Tetzel defended these in a disputation before the University of Frankfurt on the Oder in January

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The pope has no power over Purgatory. The 95 Theses Committed to the idea that salvation could be reached through faith and by divine grace only, Luther vigorously objected to the corrupt practice of selling indulgences. Therefore the multitude is misled by the boastful promise of the paid penalty, whereby no manner of distinction is made. The Sale of Indulgences He makes three main points in his 95 theses. Peter and the Pope. Further, the Theses contradicted the decree of Pope Clement VI , that indulgences are the treasury of the church. It is certain that when money clinks in the money chest, greed and avarice can be increased; but when the church intercedes, the result is in the hands of God alone.
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What did Luther actually say in the 95 Theses