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Criticism which responds inventively to the literature which it analyses? My plan is for this to lead to a full poetry collection and critical monograph.

University of east anglia creative writing phd

On this module we'll explore the short story's intoxicating power together. There is also a strong philosophical element of the module, you will be encouraged to explore the philosophical theory of aesthetic play in Kant, Schiller, and Nietzsche, and later in Huizinga and Derrida.

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How can we use the evidence of annotated books to reconstruct readers' habits and interests? Popular with other visitors.

Criticism which registers, in its own form, language, method and the ways in which it has been transformed by the work s of art it encounters? My practice-based PhD at the OU will provide me with a privileged opportunity for professional development - both as a writer and as a teacher.

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Apply About this course Our approach to research is characterised by the conjunction of criticism and creativity. And too often such writing fails to acknowledge the ways in which it itself participates in the literary 'creativity' it is also about. What happened to books as they started to become absorbed and classified within modern libraries? The questions only grow more interesting if we consider changes in reception and more complex when we alter era or cultural setting. The module is generally taken by a mix of students from the various critical and creative writing MAs, as well as by students in Literature and Philosophy. Working through the period with special attention to previously marginalized and in some cases forgotten writers, alongside a selection of critical and theoretical texts, we will examine the ways our writers accede to, challenge, and disrupt our critical understanding of fiction after modernism. And how did manuscript documents -- especially letters -- enable the enormous boom in communication characteristic of the seventeenth century? This module is an opportunity to participate in an emerging critical conversation that is carving out new directions in literary study.

The critical element of my PhD will focus on the act of remembering, and how it might be disrupted and distorted.

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