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Both began writing at an early age and were seen as black child prodigies of their times. However, she did not forget where she came from or those less fortunate than herself. Red Jacket provides that in his culture there is the belief in the Great Spirit which Jacob Cram wants to change to the almighty God and Phillis Wheatley shows how what she went through as a slave brought her to an un-denying devotion to God.

Though purchased as a slave, her life was far from most African-Americans during the 17th century. Holton exemplifies this hostility in forms of documents that further specify and support his claim.

Susannah and others were very impressed by the intelligence that Phillis possessed She depicts the carefree fancies of a cheerful and intelligent child. James was in her forties when her first novel, cover her face was published in Phillis was the first African American to have a book published.

Wheatley used the education she was afforded and her new-found spirituality to fight against slavery through the use of words Arguments about the significance of Wheatley and her writings, from her own lifetime on, reflect the evolving reassessment of African-American and African-British culture.

Phillis was the first African American to have a book published. The poems that appeared in the New England newspapers and eventually in Poems on Various Subjects: Religious and Moral were published in

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The Works Of Phillis Wheatley