The influence of sexual television content on teenagers

what does the media teach us about sexual relationships

Physicians should address preadolescent and adolescent patients' use of electronic media and the Internet, television viewing patterns, and viewing of R- or X-rated movies or videos when taking a thorough medical history to assess for risk behavior and as a mechanism for discussing sexual knowledge and plans.

There is growing concern about young people's exposure to sexual content through television and other electronic media and about its potential effects on their sexual attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

However, given the rarity of such programming, the study did not conclude that there is no effect on youth from other ethnic groups.

influences of television on teenage pregnancy

During the episode, one of the main characters Rachel reveals that she is pregnant, even though she and another character Ross used a condom during intercourse.

The results supported the view that watching shows with sexual content may influence teen sexual behavior, but also found that some viewing effects can be positive. Shows that portray the risks of sex can help educate teens.

how does social media influence teenage pregnancy

A total of 1, adolescents were asked about their sexual experiences and also their televisionviewing habits and, one year later, were surveyed again. Watching TV shows with sexual content apparently hastens the initiation of teen sexual activity.

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Adolescent sexuality and the media