The impact of brand endorsements on

Given this context, the main question that arises is- how does co-branding between celebrity endorser and the endorsed brand influence brand equity?

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In effect, celebrity product endorsement is an interactive process between brands. Brand images are viewed as perceptual associations, which are frequently seen as the basis for an overall evaluation of, or attitude towards, the brand.

The impact of brand endorsements on

Thus, it could be inferred that celebrity-product congruence is positively related to brand image. Zafer, As Convince and Convert notes , using celebrities or athletes to promote something that their audience has little interest in will not produce a big marketing splash. The essence of co- branding is a public relationship between independent brands which reaches beyond a mere transaction where money is exchanged for an image transfer , to become a mutually beneficial partnership between the involved parties Motion et al. In this scenario, a retailer has keyed in on the influences that their customers find in everyday life, and offered a downloadable style guide to match their eyewear to one of the world's most prominent families. Furthermore, because of their fame, celebrities serve not only to create and maintain attention, but also to achieve high recall rates for marketing communications messages in today's highly cluttered environments. It is equally important to note that a celebrity endorsement alone does guarantee success. The recent use of celebrities in advertising who make the claim that they have never served as a spokesperson before is a direct attempt by advertisers to influence consumers' attributional processes. Pizza Hut International increased its global market share by utilising global celebrities such as supermodels Cindy Crawford and Linda Evingelista, and Baywatch star Pamela Anderson. Keller In essence, there are two aspects involved in celebrity endorsement: i co-branding or association between the endorser and the brand; and ii impact of endorsement on brand image and brand equity. That's why athletes are typically used to promote products used in their fields, such as sports drinks or recovery products. To complete the meaning transfer process, consumers must acquire the meaning in the product through consumption and repeated purchase Gwinner Words Of Caution It is important to remember to not forgo other marketing channels to focus on endorsements.

The meaning attributed to celebrities moves from the celebrity endorser to the product when the two are paired in an advertisement. They summarize that celebrity endorsements are worthwhile investments in advertising considering their several benefits. Several studies have relied on congruency effects to explain outcomes such as spokesperson credibility, attitude towards the advertisement, perceptions of higher believability of the spokesperson, product attitudes and brand recall and affect towards the brand Misra and Beatty Misra S and Beatty S E, There is furthermore a paucity of understanding as to how practitioners make celebrity endorser selection decisions.

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Additionally, premium prices and higher brand equity are related to brands with higher image ratings.

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How Brands Should Use Celebrities For Endorsements