The environmental factors that affect the growth of coral reefs

Effects of coral reef destruction on the environment

This method of fishing kills the fish within the main blast area, along with many unwanted reef animals. See Unit 4: Coral Feeding for more information. Instead, they battle it out with their neighbors. Some pollutants consume oxygen and lead to eutrophication , killing coral and other reef inhabitants. When there are particles in the water, this inhibits light from penetrating through the water column. Northeast Atlantic reefs bear scars up to 4 kilometers 2. Cheilinus undulatus , with the largest individuals often being disproportionately male or female [32]. McKibben and Nelson [20] found that grey reef sharks Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos at Enewetak inhabited home ranges of up to 53 km2 and 16 km in length. If the coral cannot get light, then it will die. When using this tool, a small drop of seawater is placed between a measuring prism and a cover plate.

High nitrate levels are specifically toxic to corals, while phosphates slow down skeletal growth. Ocean acidification a result of increased CO2 : causes a reduction in pH levels which decreases coral growth and structural integrity. These results provide additional insight on the relationship between these reef fishes and their environment, can inform discussions of essential fish habitat for these large-bodied reef fishes, and can provide information for managers in their efforts to implement ecosystem-based approaches to fishery management.

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Corals need to attach to a hard surface. Finally, Holland et al.

The environmental factors that affect the growth of coral reefs

These same authors found that green jobfish Aprion virescens were seasonally attached to core areas of up to 12 km in length. Received May 11; Accepted Jan 8. At local, regional, and international scales, marine resource management is moving toward a suite of ecosystem-based management approaches including spatial closure and the protection of Essential Fish Habitat [49].

We will learn more about this topic and how it is related to ocean acidification in later units.

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Factors Affecting Coral Reefs