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He sat his son down on the sofa and knelt in front of him as Lily and Sirius took a seat on either side. She lifted up her bag, swung it around her shoulder and stood up to leave. Only when he realises what he was taken away from; his place in this world, his family, his future, only then will Harry turn against Voldemort and leave him for good.

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As he retired to his private chambers for the night, he mentally mapped out the plans for tomorrow. Without saying a word, Harry walked away, moving towards the bed, using the towel in his hands to rub at his wet hair, completely ignoring them. So excited!

Such total bunkum is totally unnecessary when there are many cases where a recipients blood type has changed and even alleged cases where a recipients DNA has changed post transplant.

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Jackson looked more amused than offended. You obviously don't care what happens to your school or your students, just as long as you get your way. The aroma that suddenly filled the room made Harry's mouth water and his stomach rumbled loudly. A donor has been found and as Shane has roared off in Rosie's car drunk Dear Lily How are you honey? But, ahem… how are you keeping dear? He leaned his head against glass pane of the window, a relieved sigh escaped him as the cool glass felt blissful against his burning scar. They turned to see three Aurors, Sturgis, Kingsley and Moody heading towards them. Harry snorted but the sound got lost in his grunt of pain as the Healer pressed on his stomach.

Frank and Alice Longbottom were both Aurors but many speculate the reason they were targeted by You-Know-Who was because of their only son, Neville Longbottom. He only believed he had. Not to mention how peaceful and quiet it was with you away.

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It was too painful for any witch or wizard to have their wand taken away. You make me sick. Usually Lily wouldn't take an order from anyone, not even James, but ever since that wretched prophecy was made, things had changed dramatically.

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He glanced up at James through tear-filled eyes to see something similar happening to him too. Victory was theirs. Somehow he'll twist every word I say to him to make me look like an idiot. He was quite a mix of the two. How was it that after enduring such agony, having such a torturous past, his Harry could still stand tall? Anything I say, no matter how nice, he always picks a fight. He could almost taste the magic in the air, before he heard the faint footsteps behind him.

But Damien simply shook his head, tears spilling down his cheeks. The rest had been scattered around the manor.

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The Darkness Within by Lisa Stone