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Articles with missing values were discarded and do not count towards the total number for that volume. Naturally, the term 'structural violence' does not occur before Nevertheless, she views an alliance between peace studies and feminism as possible and in the best interest of both p.

None of these N-grams were among the top ten.

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A typical article with the term 'war' around had six more citations than the average article without this term. Overall, articles with 'peace' in the title tend to receive fewer than average citations. Dar es Salaam: Mkuki na Nyota, Related Information.

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S strategic concerns that all three are very well aligned with the Israeli interests. N by the veto of U. Journal of Peace Research 47 5 :

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A Pacifist Philosophy Of Life]. An overall well-cited theme is in turn likely to result in more submissions and more published articles. Klassekampen, 22 January. International Studies Quarterly 32 3 : Peace study graduates often are strong teachers, mediators, consultants and development workers McMaster, In a widely cited article, Tickner argues that a broad conception of security, which emphasizes economic and environmental dimensions, is more compatible with feminist scholarship than the traditional view that centers on the integrity of the state. For reasons indicated in footnote 25 above, this figure is not directly comparable with those given in the text. The figure is based on four regression models, where each term successively is interacted by a volume dummy. Journal of Peace Research 30 4 : Regardless, the theories related to human behavior are quite diverse and can affect the way in which students select peace study topics and how they choose to apply that information. Iranian security and strategic perception of Israel is also well-understood by the security analysts.
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