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Parry encourages Joe to pray, and when Joe responds that he holds no religious beliefs, Parry is increasingly insistent. Claire's insistence that "it was the wind" only irritates Joe, who can't accept the random and bizarre nature of his traumatic experience.

Enduring Love has two appendices. This is where his personal catastrophe may 'begin', simply or otherwise. He explains that he chooses his beginning because it is the point that makes the most "sense.

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She thinks he is trying to send a signal with his actions, but she cannot understand it. Joe tries to recapture the moment when he originally had planned to propose, opening the same bottle of champagne, but Claire stops him. The child, Harry Gadd, is in the basket of a hot-air balloon, which the wind is threatening to carry away.

Unsatisfied with the response of the police, who cannot be convinced that Joe is in danger despite what has happened, Joe purchases a gun from a former friend. In the subsequent police interview Joe insists that it was Jed Parry who was behind this attack, but the detective does not believe him, possibly because Joe appears to get some of the facts of the incident incorrect.

When Parry raises the knife, Clarissa flinches, but Parry instead brings it to his own neck and threatens to kill himself.

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Clarissa writes a letter to Joe explaining her side of their argument in the fight they had after Parry's suicide attempt. Yet John Logan, another of the men rushing toward the balloon, continues running at full speed. Joe never receives the letter, since the hospital staff keeps all Parry's letters to prevent disturbing Clarissa and Joe. Back in London, Joe finds his relationship with Clarissa to be increasingly troubled. He gives a class lecture that sounds more like an angst-ridden rant and he alienates Claire with his self-absorbed and morose thoughts. Neither she nor Joe comes away from their meeting with any greater sense of peace. Joe tries to talk him down but also shoots his elbow to disarm him. A couple of days after this first letter Joe drives to see Logan's widow. Clearly, Joe understands the rescue attempt in terms of science and the physical world. Though Joe attempts to explain to Clarissa what is happening, she is hesitant to believe that Joe is in any danger, preferring instead to think that Parry is harmless and ought to be gently and carefully reasoned with. Joe is troubled by references Jed made to curtains, Jed catches up with the storming Joe who feels he wants Jed's death. As time passes and Parry sends more letters, Joe and Clarissa grow further apart. While Jed seems obsessed with Joe, Joe remains obsessed with the balloon accident.

Jean Logan forgives them, "but who's going to forgive me? Wellto help him get a gun.

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She questions his claim re: the messages - Joe's wiped them - and is worried: is Parry real?

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