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It is possible to multiply ionic concentrations and obtain a value less than this solubility product; in such cases the solution is too dilute, and no equilibrium exists. Most graciously, this last piece of information has been given to you, although you'll have to convert it to a molarity.

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This page discusses how solubility products are defined, including their units units. Journal of the American Chemical Society1 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics18 41 In order for this equilibrium constant the solubility product to apply, solid barium sulfate must be present in a saturated solution of barium sulfate.

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If Q moles of barium sulfate are added to 1L of water, and this is the most moles that 1L of water can hold, how much of barium and sulfate ion are in solution?

Borreguero, Timothy R. This is true of any "insoluble" ionic compound.

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Call this value Q. Sivakumar, P. References X-ray diffraction pattern, SEM, and micropore size distribution of BaSO4; concentration of BaSO4, cBa, as function of dissolution time; and numerical values of the specific surface area as function of dissolution time. For many simple equilibria, the equilibrium constant expression has terms for the right side of the equation divided by terms for the left side. It also explores the relationship between the solubility product of an ionic compound and its solubility. This is a heterogeneous equilibrium, one which contains substances in more than one state. DOI: Andrew G. Call this value Venkatesan, Chandra Prasad Khatiwada. This is true of any "insoluble" ionic compound. No precipitate would be formed in such a case. Size-dependent surface thermodynamic properties of nano-copper and its determination method by equilibrium constant.
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