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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Previous studies have employed different strategies for measuring these variables. Traditionally, the populations would engage in high levels of consumerism without regard to the impacts these had upon the natural environment.

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Accordingly, providing followers with progress-checks throughout the performance period may increase leader-follower agreement over time. Leadership emergence in autonomous work teams: Antecedents and outcomes.

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This type of reliability test is used commonly on Likert-scaling questions. Consequently, they see themselves as good performers whilst others see them as poor performers Yammarino and Atwater, In their Management of organizational behavior , authors and parents of the situational leadership concept simply argue that "it is essential to treat different subordinates differently, and to vary behavior as the situation changes" Hershey and Blanchard, In light of these new challenges, as well as in light of several other challenges and environmental changes which have been addressed in previous research endeavors, a question arises as to the means in which economic agents overcome the challenges. Under-rating may occur because the self-rater either mis-diagnoses his or her strengths or is overly modest Yammarino and Atwater, Despite the large sample in the present study, few followers were present at level 1, low on competence but high on commitment. However, if some agreement is unattainable, then a favorable strategy for managing discrepant assessment of follower development level would be leader intervention, as leaders may have a perspective for assessing follower development level that outweighs follower self-rating. However, there are problems related to the validity of information gathered from rating. E-tutor and e-mentoring-Learning support through virtual learning platforms e. Before the economic crisis unfolded, the purchasing powers of the populations were on the rise.

For the four sets of responses provided by the followers leader directiveness, leader supportiveness, follower self-reported competence and commitmentCFA was used to contrast a four-factor solution with a single-factor solution. This type of leader must also handle problems innovatively and quickly in order to overcome them.

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Identifying determinants of self-other agreement in connection to SLT remains an important avenue for future research. Lebanon SME strategy: A roadmapr to

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