Seerah of the prophet

This is an app filled with beautiful stories like this and told in a way that young people can understand. The birth of a child on the Arabian peninsula that would change the course of history.

Art from the scenes where the Quraysh offered the Prophet wealth and power in exchange for his rejection of Islam. Many verses and narrations that come in the Quran and Hadith require a bit more context to fully understand the situation. The thought of his Lord becoming displeased with him had eventually settled into his head, and that is when God reassured him this was in no way the case.

Thanks to them, Muslims today have a guideline of how they should aspire to behave. Knowledge of the Seerah can provide context for Quran and Hadith.

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As the Muslim community began to grow in Mecca the powerful Quraysh tribe did everything they could to stop the message of the Prophet from spreading. The Quraysh spotted them and a group of them followed them all the way to Abyssinia and the court of the King, the Negus.

A Christian king who benevolently saved the early Muslims as they came seeking refuge with him in Abyssinia. Muslims believe the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him came from the line of Prophet Ismaeel Ishmaelthe son of Ibrahim.

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The Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (S.a.w) Part 1: IMAM IBN KATHIR: Books