Reasearch on nature and scope of

the concept of research

It has significant role in evaluating the human development of a country. The major purpose of descriptive research is description of the state of affairs as it exists at present.

Meaning and nature of research

Finally he built a theory named as Gravitation force theory with empirically proved body of knowledge. Many innovative programmes and projects are preparing by the policy makers as well as the academic bodies across the world to improve their educational quantity as well as the quality. Research demands accurate observations and descriptions 9. Research involves gathering of new data from first hand sources primary or existing data secondary sources for a new purposes It is an art of scientific investigation. It involves a continuous enquiry in search of knowledge, advancement, problem solving methodology and an attempt to realize the truth from an objective point of view based on factual understanding and systematic study. Research is characterized by patient and unhurried activity

Hence the breadth and width of the educational research is unlimited. Quantitative Research involves hypotheses testing using suitable statistical techniques Research findings identify the shortcomings, strength and weakness of the educational sector of the country and it recommends implementing such and such programme for the development of their educational sector.

Research is based on carefully designed procedure with rigorous analysis Research applies systematic and scientific procedure for the study The result may evidence that what progress has been made in the areas of ICT among the secondary school teachers while the time has passed after the earlier study.

objectives of research methodology

Crores of rupees are allocating in their budget for implementing such planned programmes and project.

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Nature and Scope of Research Methodology