Punctuation rules for academic writing

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A full stop between the two sentences would detract from Claire's observation, and a comma would not make enough of a break to allow the reader to make sense of the two ideas.

There are many complex rules for comma usage, actually. Do you know who said 'All the world's a stage'? In general, a writer should not be shouting at the reader in formal writing.

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Because of this, some of the info in our blog posts may not yet reflect the new exam format. Example: James Left a mess at his desk after he left work; Sarah had to clean it up. It is an exception if the punctuation mark is being used to punctuate the whole sentence instead of the quoted words, and in this case, the punctuation mark can be placed after the quotation mark 9.

Dashes re like brackets; they enclose extra information. In informal applications, quotations can also be used to denote something that is ironic. In either case, the writer places a bracket within the quote [explains or places an ellipsis and] closes the bracket to continue the quote.

She came out of the house, which had a long drive, and saw the police officer at the end of the path; but instead of continuing towards him, she hid until he left. Even though the auditorium was packed, the audience remained silent.

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