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The son seems determined to give his mother some good luck. For Paul, he knows his mother wants money, due to the gardeners affinity for betting on horse races, he knows that this is a source of money. His eyes blazed at her for one strange and senseless second, as he ceased urging his wooden horse. Psychological Criticism The Rocking Horse Winner 4 Pages Words Psychological Criticism is a literary method that essentially focuses on the "unconscious" thoughts of the human mind. Paul was an inquisitive little boy. New York: Routledge. Secondary literature Bristow, Joseph. A regression to infancy. The developer of the theory and the details of the theory will vary; however, the theories are all universal in scope, positing patterns of behavior that are not dependent on specific times, places, and cultures. They lived in a pleasant house, with a garden, and they had discreet servants, and felt themselves superior to anyone in the neighbourhood. Paul's strong desire to appease his mother leads to him financially usurping his father as the money- provider of the household.

Theoretical Implication of Psycho-analysis 3 3. Online sources: Fleming, James.

The child had never been to a race-meeting before, and his eyes were blue fire. His mother told him that they were the poor ones in the family because they were unlucky. By identifying with the mother, Freud contended that a girl aligns herself with someone who also does not possess a penis, thus no longer positioning them as antagonists cf. Paul simply sees unhappiness in someone that means a great deal to him and, as most of us would, wishes to make that person feel better. His uncle and Bassett, although worried about Paul, place a winning bet on Malabar that pays at fourteen to one. In "Nottingham and the Mining Countryside", Lawrence contrasts the spontaneous, sensuous colliers to their materialistic wives, nagging for money, status, possession. Online sources: Fleming, James. Many studies and disparate kinds of readings, such as feminist, psychoanalytic, formalist, etc. Psychoanalytic theorists beginning with Freud—just like writers in general—benefited from great myths of the ages so as to create new myths that they hope will immortalize them in the minds of the reading and thinking public. It is due to her psychological condition that her child is eventually consumed by the overwhelming weight of the issue he has taken on. Ultimately, the paper moves to apply a psychoanalytical reading to the story. Mankato: Creative Education.

It was not until she was married that she claimed her bad luck began. Now I think I am very unlucky indeed. But rather than take steps to stop Paul, he encourages him and asks for tips on winning horses. The child had never been to a race-meeting before, and his eyes were blue fire.

According to W. Related Papers. Many studies and disparate kinds of readings, such as feminist, psychoanalytic, formalist, etc. The mothers problems are much more complex.

The situation made her grow bitter. The mothers problems are much more complex. Reference 1. According to the myth - as well as the B. There must be more money! Paul, in an attempt to please his mother told her that he was lucky. He seeks a great prize, luck, that will enable him to win money wagering on horses. With this intention, psychoanalytic theories have been developed outside the realm of literature, and are not tied to a specific aesthetic theory and are frequently coupled with other schools of literary criticism e. In other instances, it enhances the mysterious and sometimes unsettling atmosphere of the story by leaving open to question what a gaze or a stare means. That said, I do see how the theory of the complex can be applied in the most basic sense.

Opportunism ……. Introduction 1 2.

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He became wild-eyed and strange, as if something were going to explode in him. Bressler Psychological criticism makes an effort to reveal those profound and unexplained concepts in the literary field.

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