Pineapple research paper

Sugar in the sample was quantified by comparing peak areas of the samples with those of the sugar standards such as fructose, glucose and sucrose.

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The process involved some phases to be covered in conducting the study. The eluents used were acetate buffer 25mM, pH 4. The Spanish name for pineapple, pina, and the root of its English name, reflects the fruit's visual similarity to the pinecone. Pure sand, red loam, clay loam and gravelly soils usually need organic enrichment. The clear supernatant was collected and used for analysis. Extraction The pineapple crowns were cut into small pieces and blended using fruit juice processor with ratio of pineapple crown to purified water 1: 1. Removal of salt in the purified bromelain samples was carried out by continuous diafiltrator with hollow fiber membrane using purified water for exchange. Finally, the desalted bromelain solution was dried using freeze dryer Christ alpha LD Plus model. This paper is an evaluation of a pineapple fiber reinforced composite using epoxy resin as matrix. Glass fibers are provided as the outer layers to improve the surface finish and strength. It is also a good source of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, folate, copper and dietary fiber. The flexural strength is calculated as The specimen became more brittle when the composite was exposed to the aging temperature.

Therefore bromelain activity will not be affected because according to Ngampanya and Phongtongpasuk, [13] sucrose concentration could affect on protein content, crude bromelain activity and specific activity of induced shoots of pineapple var.

The clear supernatant was collected and used for analysis. This is based on Gautam et al. In this study, the waste product of pineapple peelings becomes recyclable. Hence, alternatives to its efficient utilization are necessary [3].

The stem continues to grow and acquires at its apex a compact tuft of stiff, short leaves called the "crown" or "top".

Pineapple research paper

It appears that once pineapple plants have been damaged by nematodes, they derive little benefit from nematicidal treatments. Tensile strength obtained will be referred for further study of natural fiber composites. This apotheosis of a luxuriant nature - marine and earthly - will find parallels in other exquisite pieces which, though apparently detached from those, share the same symbolic meaning.

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The chemical compositions and morphology study of pineapple leaf and cassava indicate pineapple leaf have a high percentage to be used as an alternative pulp in paper making industry, promoting the green technology.

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Producing Paper Using Pineapple Leaf Fiber