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That way the woman tries to save her life. As you can see this is a lot of information, so you may need to write two or more sentences to convey it all. What is important is the systematic process of how you present your information: Introducing an idea Explaining what the piece of evidence does and why it supports your point And finally, connecting this specific idea to the rest of your essay.

You also want to do it in a way that presents it in an accessible and direct manner. Animals that suffer from this condition start acting nervously, repeating various actions, such as moving back and forth for no apparent reason at all, etc.

For example, when Matrix students are taught to write T. They are plagiarism-free and correctly formatted.

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Have you planned your paragraph? Because of this it is important that you step your reader through your thought processes.

L paragraphs. Different schools teach paragraph structure in different ways. Exceptions may occur for particular paragraphs that are small and not fully developed, i.

The opening lines and the entire initial paragraph predetermines the willingness of the audience to read the text to its end.

What do we mean, exactly?

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PEEL Paragraph Writing