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Submit Your Essay Be Comprehensive Finally, keep in mind you only have words to work with in this essay. An incoming biology major could write about science fair projects and volunteer work at their local hospital; an incoming journalism major could write about previously published work and a love for writing.

Prompt 6: Describe a topic, idea, or concept you find so engaging that it makes you lose all track of time. A bad Why This College example: "I really really want to go to Northwestern because I just have this feeling that it's the place for me" does not a good case make.

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Too much talk about your community participation portrays you as a self-centered individual who does not care about the others in the community. I competed as a member of Virginia DECA and won a state award, advancing to the international level and placing in the top 4-percent. Oftentimes the piece of writing you are most proud of may not be appropriate for audiences outside the context in which you wrote it. Maybe your research into animal cruelty and farming practices for a biology project led you to become a vegetarian. So you need to trash this version of your essay and start writing a new one that is more focused towards the idea of what you have and how you can contribute to NYC as a student and member of the community. Is there a program that combines your unique interests that is not offered at any other school? Applicants cannot request interviews. If you're going to use it, though, at least get the team names and colors right.

I was sitting next to an old English man with ruddy skin that glared my direction every time the cabin jostled and I accidentally bumped him. I am aware that NYU's brilliant students don't just solely focus their energy into to academics, but also into social life. When sitting down to write your NYU Personal Essay, you may find it difficult to choose which prompt to answer.

As NYU students will tell you, constructive debate of ideas is integral to life on campus and something that is emphasized in the required coursework students are asked to complete. And, based on their home record these days, neither do the Giants.

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My interest in NYU sparked when I realized it was not just the rankings that made NYU, but how unique and special the university itself was. Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. I love extracurricular activities and have a wide range of interests, such as skateboarding, swimming, and other outdoor activities.

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Reluctantly, I left him go, but I was worried. Applicants cannot request interviews. Please note that you cannot request an invitation to these special visits. Manage your essays in one place Find every essay for the schools you're applying to and manage the writing process with expert tips along the way. Are you looking to apply to NYU? I think the seminars offered at NYU will help me see sociology from many different perspectives. I snapped out of my depressive trance and wiped away my tears. The Gallatin School is renowned for its personalized and unique independent study programs. And I'm not saying you shouldn't push for that International Studies and Dance double major once you're thereā€¦ just get into the school first.

So, for example, if the school has a music and medicine program, put that in the right column.

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Common Application Essay Selection Strategies for NYU