Nebulization proper guidelines

The nebulisation system 2. Also, most nebulizers also work by using air compressors.

Nebulizer medicine for asthma

It must only be used on special medical prescription if medically required, having checked that it is compatible with the product to be nebulised and made sure that the patient treated has no contraindication to high-velocity oxygen treatment. Daniels, T. Some patients who ought to be treated with them are not prescribed the treatment and many others are incorrectly treated. Note: if using an electronic delivery system this will not apply as the nebuliser has an electronic unit to create the aerosol. This guideline details the process for administration via the jet nebuliser system. Preparing the nebuliser medication All medications should be drawn up and administered according to the medicines administration policy Rationale 9. Bennett, C. Vinegar and Water Wash your hands. European Respiratory Journal, 18 1 :

Ensure the dispersal piece is in place Rationale Continue these steps until the onset of inconsistent nebulization, i. Rationale Any residual solution left in the chamber will rapidly become colonised with bacteria from environmental sources Edwards Rationale Using a mask or mouthpiece will concentrate the flow of the aerosol from the nebuliser.

Rationale The circulation of air or oxygen around the chamber, coupled with the movement of the dispersal piece, causes the atomisation of the solution.

Nursing Standard, 25 31 : Rationale Sitting upright allows for maximum lung expansion Boe et al, Rationale To ensure the nebuliser set is administering optimal therapy to the child.

Choice of a nebulisation system 3.

nebulization procedure
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Using a Nebulizer: Instructions for Correct Use