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The development of modern civilization in various stages aimed at better and comfortable life has given us many choices and options. In contrast, the Royal portraits are extremely symbolic in representing human figures with the combination of human gods and animal forms that tend to portray idealized, conventional faces of Egypt.

Modem civilizations however modern seem to have lost a sense of control and crossed limits.

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The description of Alicia by O Henry itself seems to justify the vast research that must have prompted Simmel and many sociologists and anthropologists since in to the perils of city dwelling. Today in modern civilization, teaching and learning have evolved in many complex ways. Every civilization had contributed immensely to mankind. It is dominating major parts of the world and the areas left to the barbarians are only small pockets which are limited to certain remote areas in thick forests, deep valleys and inaccessible places among the hills, etc. We have all sorts of electronic appliances to provide entertainment at home. The best short stories of O. Black, ed. It is a matter of long evolution and conscious efforts on the part of man that modem civilization has developed: Modem civilization is wide-spread and has taken firm roots. In the race to modernize our land space on this earth, many dangers or risks were overlooked and underestimated.

We are sometimes strangers among our own people. Mothers would spend time teaching their daughters how to make baskets or grind grain for food.

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The city dwelling Alicia is seen to be silent and cool but not haughty. So do we have thousands of inventions like the car and airplane, the computer, the tractor, and tube-well engine and medicines and surgical instruments that have given us pleasures and comforts that a hundred years ago were only dreams.

While fathers would teach their sons how to make arrows to hunt and gather food for the tribes. The sociology of Georg Simmel. Get Essay At the outset Simmel talks about what man requires in his Life.

But, the negative impact has begun to pop its head in many ways-physical changes in environment and some unwelcome social changes or happenings in our society. He calls for manly wrestling bouts with his brother Tom and wins most of them.

Modern Civilization revolves around Technology and the end goal of Technology is to remove the dirt from under the fingernails of Man and make him cultured.

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Short Essay on The Modern Civilization