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The Relativity of Truth The relativity of truth is not highlighted as a major theme in Life of Pi until the last part of the novel, when Pi retells the entire story to make it more plausible to the officials who are questioning him. Since animals are creatures of habit, zoo enclosures, with abundant food and water, clean cages, and a constant routine, are heaven for them.

It suggests that God had plans for Pi and let him survive so he can go on telling others the impossible story. There is a reason that at the end we are given two stories, and it is up to the viewer to choose which one to believe.

The events of Pi 's journey are not necessarily to be taken literally; instead, it is important to think about what they represent.

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Besides that, Richard Parker which is the Bengal tiger that supported Pi in the lifeboat for days during the shipwreck and Pi lost their perspective for a brief period of your time. It is not the obstacle in which will determine ones success in the end, but the way in which one manages the obstacles and their desire and determination that establishes if they will be successful in the end or not.

The use of mental strength allows for many people to conquer various obstacles throughout a journey. The theme of storytelling is implemented from the outset of the text, beginning with the authors note. This is true for me as I too read stories of freedom in religious practices and life in general throughout the entire story.

He does not need to be anywhere in the world but where he chooses to be, although Pi no longer has a choice on lifestyle. This book was born as I was hungry.

Pi disproves the idea of atheism although still respects the choices made to be atheist as he sees them as some form of believer, as shown in the relationship between Pi and his teacher, Mr.

Some may argue that because he is not being properly provided for he cannot be as a zoo animal is, but because Pi has faith in many gods he believes that these gods will provide for him by giving him food and a safe place to rest that protects him from the sharks which are like parasites that plague animals.

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The Life of Pi Essay