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Amitabh Bhattacharya 4 3. Board of Directors: Robin Hayes, Instead of using older planes like its competitors, JetBlue first invested in a new uniform fleet of Airbus A aircraft.

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Kim Clark SinceMr. Joel Peterson Has been on board since to present as Chairman and also serves on two different committees which are the Nominating Committee and the Compensation Committee. Neal Moszkowski From to the present year, Mr. Our passion is what keeps customers coming back, and why we do our part to keep our destinations beautiful for future generations.

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Delta filed for bankruptcy and was a target acquisition by US Airways just before it emerged from bankruptcy in April JetBlue also seeks more efficient fuel usage through the planes purchased and improved flight planning. JetBlue also knows the key to cutting costs in the most efficient way possible. As a result of how JetBlue was doing in , JetBlues earnings per share was in a better state than it had been in the previous year. Another factor in the environment of air travel is the characteristics of the airport and FAA density regulations. Major competitors of JetBlue are already decreasing flights and merging with one another in order to consolidate debt and stay in business since fixed costs are extremely high. Therefore, consolidations affect all competitors within the industry. For many years excess capacity posed a significant problem, causing airlines to either leave planes on the ground or fly planes with empty seats. However all regulations and laws must be abided by all the airlines therefore creates opportunity if we educate the employees. In addition, as mentioned previously, JetBlue is in the midst of some discussions about creating a partnership to enter the international market. Regardless of the number of key opportunities and threats included in an EFE Matrix, the highest possible total weighted score for an organization is 4. Yet, they have made concerted efforts to market in other ways. Kim Clark Since , Mr. JetBlue has a reputation of having the best customer service and the passenger complaint numbers are among the lowest in the industry.

Airlines also face a heightened sense of consumer information privacy.

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