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Table of contents 2. All of this trickles down into the social interactions Muslims have every day. Each day they have to face the conflicting expectations of their parents, friends, Islamic community and general society. Patriarchal 'clan politics' and a breakdown in communication between young Muslims and traditional Muslim leaders are dispossessing Islamic youth, leading a small but significant minority to turn to radical groups for somewhere to belong and something to believe in. Instead, their views are shaped by what they read or hear in the media. Politics has long been ideological and international. It explodes many contemporary stereotypes to reveal a picture which is far more complex than is often supposed.

The spectre of extremist Islam looms large and Muslim youth in the UK are increasingly linked to radical Islamic movements. Many have family that originated in Asia and Africa.

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Thanks to numerous blogs, online shops, YouTube tutorials and Facebook pages, these girls get the chance to share opinions and tips on how to be fashionable and Islamic at the same time. Mr Lorgat, aged 34, complains that the imam in the mosque he attended as a child came to Blackburn from India and just lived in the mosque, enjoying little exposure to British society.

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Young fellow Muslims would appreciate this narrative both as a telling of their own story and as a witness and testimony to the challenges they face every day Mosque committees, which are often dominated by old men, tend to import imams from South Asia. A good Muslim citizenry, in this logic, is politically docile, disengaged from world affairs and discouraged from combining religion with political activism. Similarly, research in Britain has shown that religion now faces more prejudice than race in the workplace. To be clear: theologically grounded attempts to bring social change are beset with problems. We have no recollection of the time before, when barely any non-Muslims cared what religion we were. Philip Lewis would insist, and rightly, that he has not written a book about al-Qaeda or, for that matter, radicalisation Many are more pious than their elders.

The relentless assaults from popular broadsheets and tabloids are echoed by political leaders too. All of this trickles down into the social interactions Muslims have every day.

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They are demanding a new way of following Islam, and a different type of imam. His work focuses on anthropological approaches to migration and diaspora, the anthropology of Islam and political anthropology.

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The only thing they knew about me was my name.

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Being Young, Male and Muslim in Luton