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So hazardous waste can be used for helpful purposes but it can also devastate the environment. Prior to the late s the site was used as an excavation pit for sand and gravel. Civil rights activists clearly argue that Municipal, State and Governmental polices deliberately target low income communities to establish new toxic waste industries.

Despite notable improvements in environmental inequalities, internationally, billions of people live in hazardous physical conditions.

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EPA], 35, types of all existing chemicals are considered hazardous to human health and the environment as cited in Shah, A hazardous substance can cause injury or death to a person, plant, or animal if: A large amount is released at one time A small amount is released many times at the same place The substance does not become diluted The substance is very toxic for example, arsenic. Logistics plays an important role in the disposal of these materials. For most such wastes, land disposal is the ultimate destination, although it is not an attractive practice, because of the inherent environmental risks involved. Cleanups may also include the reuse of sites and redevelopment of natural habitats. Main article: Industrial waste management in Thailand In Thailand the roles in municipal solid waste MSW management and industrial waste management are organized by the Royal Thai Government, which is organized as central national government, regional government, and local government. One reason chronic exposure to even tiny amounts of hazardous substances can lead to harm is bioaccumulation. Meanwhile, many corporations argue the regulations are too strict and lobby Congress to soften or remove certain rules. A common type of temporary storage impoundment for hazardous liquid waste is an open pit or holding pond, called a lagoon. Get Essay What is hazardous waste? Need more Environment Essay Examples? Recyclable waste is just that wasting there are many things that people use and throw away on a daily bases that could be recycled, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, steel cans, tin cans, card board glass and etc Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Any type of contact with the waste could also expose many people to life threating health problems. Guidelines for the disposal of nonhazardous solid waste includes the banning of open dumping.

For example, people who lived near Love Canal, a leaking hazardous waste dump, did not notice the health effects of their chronic exposure for several years. However, does it really help to make a change.

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Less toxic waste that is unlikely to migrate, like soil with lead, is sometimes allowed to remain in place under the ground and then be sealed with a cap of hard clay.

However, this progress has brought with itself devastating disasters like electronics waste which cause serious health and environment pollution problems. Chronic exposure occurs over a much longer period of time, usually with repeated exposures in smaller amounts.

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Also, small children often eat soil or household materials that may be contaminated, such as paint chips containing lead. When these hazardous substances are thrown away, they become hazardous waste. Unfortunately, society has not been sufficiently cultured on the causes and effects of medical waste pollution.

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Environment Essay Sample: Hazardous Waste Management