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It is an unfair comparison; what they have become today is because of what they did over the past 30 years.

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You might also want to see this: Reflecting on the falling freight traffic, Prabhu, citing the global recession startingsaid a transporter cannot create a market, is affected the most due to marcroeconomic decline and is the last to recover.

The loan from the Japanese for the bullet train project is coming with a year repayment window, and a 0.

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We have also opted for an engineering, procurement, and construction EPC model for project development. However, the response from entrepreneurs has been mixed. The power plant in Nabinagar is also coming in handy.

How did you manage to clinch the bullet train deal with the Japanese?

Indian railways modernization plan

For example, if a user needs to travel from Bengaluru to Hyderabad, but find no reserved seats, they try to instead book to Warangal [the next stop] and get off at Hyderabad. After implementation of the 7th pay commission, railways' expense on salary and pension has gone up by Rs 22, crore and thus adding to the deficit. Instead, this four year old venture has already installed its dispensers at over stations in 14 states and is in a hurry to reach its ambitious target and help Indian Railways go carbon neutral by The fourth main proposal was for creating a regulator. At present, these units are dependent on internal arrangements of railways and budget allocation for capital. The power plant in Nabinagar is also coming in handy. An officer from Ahmedabad Division of the Indian Railways mentioned that there are some vans in the South Western Railway, which are not being used and can be repaired and used by Amul for transportation. That will create an ecosystem. We decided to change this, as this is a buyers' market. The Railways is increasingly using Twitter as an administrative tool. The railway network is also ideal for long-distance travel and movement of bulk commodities, apart from being an energy efficient and economic mode of conveyance and transport.

And, we are doing direct purchase of electricity. We are getting manpower audit done, for the first time.

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Indian Railways: Network, Investments, Market Size, Govt Initiatives