I love my grandma

i love my grandma onesie

For years, she would pick me up from school exactly on time. When I was little, she would always have orange slices the candy, not the fruit in her kitchen.

Share this:. My confidence comes from the pride you take in everything I do. As we were growing up, she would play video games with her grandchildren.

Grandparents can be competitive when it comes to sharing stories of our successes and we love them for it. It still smells like a new car, though she will deny this anytime anyone gets in her car. She is humble. She hums when she works. She is very crafty.

Grandmas are more reliable than anyone else in our lives, and regardless of time or place, they will always find a way to help us. She still has her college textbooks. No matter how much of a fight we put up, grandma always wants to help us.

She has an interesting book collection.

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Things to Tell Your Grandma