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Slowly but surely, HRM is emerging as a profession. Planning is such a crucial function for an organization that it is the key to all other managerial functions.

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Communication Skills The role of any manager is to get work done through others. This is a direct challenge for the HR managers as they now have to deal with culturally and racially diverse work groups. The main reasons for this change are due to the understanding that 1. An HR manager cannot perform his job effectively without proficiency in these concepts and principles. More from OC It aims to put in place HR policies in order to deal with wage fixation, working conditions, and promotional opportunities for prospective employees. Perhaps most important, this method provides no explicit basis for explaining why jobs are ranked as they are, leaving the results of the plan open to charges of inequity. A company that has consistently been appreciated for this benefit is IBM. For instance, HRIS can relieve HR managers from routine activities as the system takes over the task of updating the employee information. Their different backgrounds and fields of operation raise doubts about the value of a professional model and of any attempt to view personnel problems as amenable to solution through a primary focus on professionalism. This situation requires HR managers to create a business environment that recognizes and leverages the individual differences amongst employees and puts in place target-specific HR practices to attract, retain and motivate the dynamic and heterogeneous workforce.

Increasing Importance of High Performance Work Systems HPWS Globalization is bringing about a tremendous change in the size, structure, composition, and style of functioning of organizations so as to meet an intensified global competition.

Why- a compensation system encourages qualified workers to seek employment and maintain their position at an organization.

Thus, they provide utility value to each one of the physical assets. HR managers perform the task of line managers for their own department and act as staff advisors for line managers of other departments. He must have good communication skills to share his ideas effectively with the employees and to persuade them to work towards the organizational goals successfully.

Employee policies and practices shall be administered in a manner consistent with the applicable laws and the other provisions of this code, respect for the right to privacy and the right to be heard, and that in all matters equal opportunity is provided to those eligible and that decisions are based on merit.

The compensation strategy is one part of the reward strategy—the plan for creating the compensation system. PM, an employee-centred activity, is mainly reactive in nature whereas HRM, a resource-centred activity, is proactive. HRM seeks to develop the PM is a regular, status quo-based competencies of the employees on a administrative function: sustained basis.

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Andrews8 has carried out a detailed study on the functions of HRM and commented: In most organizations, the personnel or HR department establishes policies and coordinates functions such as job analysis, personnel planning, the recruitment and selection of employees, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation and employee benefits, labour relations, employee discipline and control, and occupational health and safety.

Human Resources at Voltas HR Philosophy The HR philosophy of Voltas is based on its strong belief that the well- being of the company and that of its people are interdependent; and that the company's most valuable assets are its people.

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They assist line authorities in hiring, training, appraising, awarding, counselling and terminating the employees. Creating and maintaining the department morale Each group has: 1 an HR manager, 2 two HR team members, 3 two union representatives, and 4 two observers of the meetings. Further, human resources alone can produce an output larger than the input. Hence, it is essential for the HR manager to have emotional maturity and tolerance in dealing with the employees. Though these developments clearly bring the HRM close to be called a profession, it cannot qualify as one in the full-fledged sense of the term. Thus, there is an urgent need for HR managers to provide concrete and quantified evidence that their department is contributing in a significant and constructive way to the accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives. Given this scenario, let us look at the qualities of an HR manager. HRM is concerned with the policies and practices that ensure the best use of the human resources to fulfil the organizational and individual goals.
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