How to write an overview of a business plan

The job of the executive summary is to present the facts and entice your reader to read the rest of the business plan, not tell him everything.

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Your information should answer who, what, where, when, why, and how right off the bat. Implementation plan - outline the schedule for taking your business from the planning stage to opening your doors. Executive Summary Your executive summary is the first chapter and first step in writing a business plan.

Unless you plan to open a grocery store, you should be unlikely to answer, "Everyone! Are you the free service?

Sample company history summary

To prove this to them, your market analysis should include the following sections: Industry Description: Give the reader a look into your industry. For instance, small business lenders will be most interested in financial projections. Once your goals are achieved, what is your exit strategy for small business? Writing a Business Plan: A General Overview As the mastermind of your small business, you probably have all the ideas in your head about how to make your business into a thriving, successful company. In our rental example, one problem is a potential lack of convenience; we will overcome that issue by offering online reservations, on-resort deliveries, and drive-up equipment returns. Give a realistic and honest picture of how developed your core product or service is. Once it sounds good to you, have someone else who knows nothing about your business read it and make suggestions for improvement. Remember—short and sweet.

Streamlined operations? Successful businesses create customer value by solving problems. Point out professional successes and articulate responsibilities from a high-level; for example if you successfully managed a project to [fill in the blank], state what the budget was, how many people you oversaw, and if you came in under budget definitely state it.

Research, research, research. You will want to do a decent amount of research prior to writing this section, and it is recommended that this section be written after completing the industry analysis and marketing plan so that you are able to articulate specific details related to your industry.

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