How to write a media release australian

Headlines can take time to think of. Writing Your Media Release Grab them Early On — the Headline It is vital when writing your group's media release to attract the journalist's interest right away.

how to end a press release

You should also avoid sending the release as an attachment for this reason. In the end, if the reporter needs more information they can contact you. You may think that writing a headline in all caps will jump out at the reader and grab their attention. If you are writing it on behalf of an organisation, you can use letterhead or a small logo.

how to write a press release for an event

Cull your list of headlines and pick one that aligns with your overall message and will grab your readers attention. This framework is widely used in media release writing and states that the most important information should be at the beginning, with all of the information after it being less important.

sample press release template

Details of your name, organisation, website, phone number and email address must be provided at the end of the release. Try and use quotes that add clarity or can sum up your release in a concise, lively manner.

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The Mastery of Event PR: How to Craft a Riveting Press Release