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As we emerge into better, more hopeful times, retaining our hard earned wisdom to stay connected to that which matters should stand us in good stead in the future, provided me remember to focus on the now.

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Although not always the case, feature articles are usually longer than news articles. They seem to be so full of life, so vibrant. While journalists reporting late-breaking hard news doesn't have enough preparation time and copy length to include much background and description, writers of features have the space and time to evoke imagery in their stories and fill in the details of the circumstances and atmosphere. Embracing mindfulness is not a pretence that all is fine; rather it reflects an awareness that when all is not fine we need to build our resilience; to learn strategies that help us to cope. I sigh as my thoughts fall on the degrading society that we are having now. Do you have articles that you have written that have made an impact on you? The whole story does not have to be encapsulated in the lead. He is father and mother to them, since both his parents are deceased.

Structurally, profile features give the writer a great deal of freedom. The commission Hi Lindy - I'd be interested to pursue this.

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Feature stories are human-interest articles that focus on particular people, places and events. These hooks are attractive story elements such as action, mystery, drama or appealing characters intended to pull the reader forward through the story. He could also be as wonderful as me. Look around you.

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Their hearts and souls yanked out and were swallowed up in a cloud as dark as ebony. Historical Features: These features commemorate important dates in history or turning points in our social, political and cultural development.

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