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One of the main causes was imperialism; many countries in Europe were actually hungry of power and money and too busy creating empires around the world.

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It was wrong to punish Germany to the extent where many Germans felt bitter and wanting revenge, it could start another war. This further degrades the environment. France should know about this since some parts in France e. But on the flip side of the coin, tourism can also drive government bodies to invest in protecting and preserving the environment.

The environment may be destroyed in the process of building these infrastructures, like the clearing of lands for not only the hotels and hops, but also for better accessibility and transport system. This sentence should contain the main idea of the whole 1st paragraph.

And of course the rise in carbon emmision is a major influece from the rise in tourism as many prefer the mode of transport by air. I have never experienced live in the war and I hoped never would be.

This treaty was made to stop another war happening again. When they signed the armistice, they had been told about the probability of the reparation, loss of territory and reduced army forces and they signed it. The advancemnet of transporation technology by air has not only hasten travelling time, but as thismode of transport became more common, it became cheaper as well.

Like, Clemenceau wanted Germany to be punished harshly to the point that Germany could not attack France again, Lloyd George did not want to punish Germany harshly not to the point where Britain could not trade with Germany and France would get too much power in Europe, Meanwhile Wilson did not want Germany to be punished harshly that they could feel bitter and resentment because it could lead to another war.

The need for human to consistently travel and quench their curiousity through new discoveries had been evident since early civilization.

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