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Mistinguett was born in poverty and had an undeniably quick wit.

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The evening attracts 1, artists and stars from around the world, including Josephine Baker who sings "J'ai deux amours". The appearance of the Moulin Rouge Red Windmill was instantly recognisable amidst the other buildings in the neighbourhood. So, it should come as no surprise that this would be the colour of the most attractive and noticeable cabaret north of the Grands Boulevards.

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They nicknamed their establishment Le Premier Palais des Femmes the first Women Palace and bet on their success, enthusiastically claiming to whoever listened that the Moulin Rouge would become a temple of music and dance.

All the rest remains to be done, to be thought about.

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The atmosphere was electric. She was an immediate hit at the Moulin Rouge, bewitching crowds with her outrageous behavior and she was booked as a permanent headliner. Its creator Joseph Oller and his Manager Charles Zidler were formidable businessmen who understood the public's tastes. Vulgarity has therefore given way to eroticism, a style that appeals to a wider public. We provide essential information for the casual explorer, the cultured traveler and everyone in between. A belly dancer inside the animal proved a real head turner for diners. The combined effect of its sumptuous colours and decorations, its giant aquarium, and its drawings by renowned Italian artists, will plunge you into a totally enchanting world. This tragic affliction turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Henri because it meant that he could not follow in his father's footsteps going riding and hunting - instead he turned to painting and sketching. What better colour to make the cabaret more attractive and visible, particularly from the Grands-Boulevards. In Louise decided to leave the Moulin Rouge and break out on her own, relying on her fame and the small fortune she had amassed. The remaining brother was captured and his body, cut into four pieces, was hung from the sails of his own windmill.

The streets of Paris were a veritable warzone due to the fighting between French troops and the opposing Cossacks a Russian, Austrian and Prussian coalition. The photograph that had just been projected onto a small screen had come to life!

Inthe building was ravaged by fire and the cabaret was forced to close for six years. Artists and writers could drink amidst exciting and surroundings while gathering material to inspire their greatest works.

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The History of the Moulin Rouge