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From being competitive, selfish and aggressive, humans return to being cooperative, selfless and loving. In place of the struggle between good and evil, Buddhism emphasizes ignorance and enlightenment. Outside observers of a particular society might consider certain actions evil, but most members of the society in question will consider them normal, for example slavery, or the Aztec practice of human sacrifice as viewed by our contemporary society.

It follows from this principle that what brings happiness to the greatest number of people, is good.

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This view is called hedonisma monistic theory of value. To say that someone who has stolen a candy bar, for instance, becomes wholly evil is a rather untenable position. A view adopted by James Griffin attempts to find a subjective alternative to hedonism as an intrinsic value.

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The former kind of method of analysis is called " descriptive ", because it attempts to describe what people actually view as good or evil; while the latter is called " normative ", because it tries to actively prohibit evils and cherish goods.

Peck argues that while most people are conscious of this at least on some level, those that are evil actively and militantly refuse this consciousness. Those experiences and actions which increase the fetters of desire are bad, and those experiences and actions which tend to emancipate the mind from limiting desires are good.

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HOWEVER, it was at this juncture, when our conscious intellect challenged our instincts for control, that a terrible battle broke out between our instincts and intellect, the effect of which was the extremely competitive, selfish and aggressive state that we call the human condition. For instance, Thomas Aquinas —a proponent of this view—believed he had proven the existence of God , and the right relations that humans ought to have to the divine first cause. No of course not. I did not even have trouble with the more stark ideas such as that of the middle eastern men routinely engaging in homosexual relationships with their adolescent boys. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. From being competitive, selfish and aggressive, humans return to being cooperative, selfless and loving. I find this a convincing explanation, as all kinds of "normal" and respected people in early twentieth century Britain and America - including H G Wells, Churchill, and George Bernard Shaw - held vehemently racist views that today we would all find utterly abhorrent. What really is good, and what really is bad? The economic value of labour may be assessed technically in terms of its use-value or utility or commercially in terms of its exchange-value , price or production cost see also labour power. And, sad to say but true, this is why we like wars: they cut through the petty problems of daily life and unite us good guys here against the bad guys over there. It has two main varieties: simple, and Epicurean. And their findings have begun to dramatically illuminate how we make moral and political decisions and, perhaps, will even reshape our understanding of what morality is in the first place. That is why the first casualty of all wars is truth. There is evidence from the occult and from miracles that nature's laws are sometimes violated.

All utilitarian theories are based upon the maxim of utility, which states that good is whatever provides the greatest happiness for the greatest number. That is a patent fiction.

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The Nonduality of Good and Evil