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In turn, this leaves them to be bastard children This novel follows a man named Chris McCandless, also known as Alex Supertramp, as he travels the country trying to find himself in the wild. Like many people, McCandless believed that he could give his life meaning by pursuing a relationship with nature.

He talks to almost anyone who met McCandless, even fleetingly.

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Though, before ending up in Alaska Chris was constantly on the move. He was a well educated man. This, in turn, adds to his revulsion against society generally, which is clearly a driving factor in his deciding to go into the wilderness.

Krakauer gives us insight by giving examples of what risk really are, how people take them, and how it actually affects those people. To live completely alone, in a world where the only laws he feels the need to follow are those of nature, is to him ultimate freedom. Conclusion examples Conclusion: Christopher McCandless was woefully underprepared for life in the wild.

Alex was well educated and highly respected by everyone who knew him.

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