Final exam review sheet spring 2015

chemistry 2 final exam study guide

Compose functions. Andersen and Guenancia, and to some students, who pointed out mistakes that are now corrected in these solutions. Recognize parallel and perpendicular lines.

Final exam review sheet spring 2015

Know the standard forms for equations of lines. Graph rational functions. Understand angles both in degrees and in radian measure.

Chemistry second semester final exam answers

We will go over some of these questions in class on Wednesday, March 1st. Understand exponents and exponential functions. Understand the domain and range of a function. Interpret and draw inferences from mathematical models such as formulas, graphs, tables, or schematics. Know special values of trigonometric functions, e. Know trigonometric identities such as the angle addition formulas. Estimate and check mathematical results for reasonableness. Linear approximations, slope and derivatives, detailed curve sketching. Understand transformations of trigonometric functions, e. Employ quantitative methods such as algebra, geometry, calculus, or statistics to solve problems. In addition check out: Test Prep 2 Solutions.

See the homework pageI have posted homework 2. Graph composite functions. The room for Recs 13, 14 and 15 is Frey Hall Course Description The description in the undergraduate bulletin : Comprehensive preparation for the regular calculus sequences, with introduction to derivatives.

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