Factory farming should not be allowed in america

Hidden costs include environmental degradation, fossil fuel use, damage to human health, and the destruction of rural communities.

factory farming and the environment

This painting of a reassuring picture that is far removed from the truth is profoundly dishonest and prevents consumers from making informed choices. Not only does this law exclude poultry, it also exempts certain forms of religious slaughter, such as Kosher and Halal.

why is factory farming bad

Yet consider these three facts: First, there are over billion farmed animals alive at this moment—more than ten times the number of humans. Today we look back at slavery and see even the least cruel slaveholders as fundamentally evil for holding any human in bondage.

Again, sentimentality is interfering with logic. This confusion prevents consumers from voting with their wallets for better treatment of farm animals and negatively impacts the farmers who truly are raising animals using higher-welfare methods.

It also erodes topsoil at an alarming rate.

factory farms in the us

Historically, classes in industrial societies have always been demarcated not only by wealth but also the consequent effect on diet and health.

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Farm Animal Welfare