Examples of affirmative action and reverse discrimination

affirmative action examples

The test was taken by candidates, 68 of whom were White, 27 of whom were Black, and 23 of which were Hispanic. Other opponents of affirmative action call it reverse discrimination, saying affirmative action requires the very discrimination it is seeking to eliminate.

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This would eliminate the need for race-based affirmative action as well as reducing any disproportionate benefits for middle and upper-class people of color.

New Haven did not avoid the dreaded disparate impact lawsuit, as the White and Hispanic firefighters who had scored the highest on the test, yet were passed over for promotion, sued for reverse discrimination.

The loss of undue privilege is not the same thing as the loss of rights. Do these laws compare to affirmative action? Kennedy John F.

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Texas was a lawsuit brought by four white applicants to the Texas Law School who were denied admission even though their grade point averages were greater than minority applications that were accepted.

Ability is stretched or stunted by the family that you live with, and the neighborhood you live in—by the school you go to and the poverty or the richness of your surroundings.

Reverse discrimination examples

Individuals can also be awarded scholarships and have fees paid on the basis of criteria listed above. When the test results were in, there were 17 White firefighters and 2 Hispanic firefighters who were eligible for promotion to the available positions. University of Texas lawsuit was one such case that spawned columns alleging extensive reverse racism. The U. Opponents may criticize the wisdom of how this compensation is meted out, but they cannot question the principle of compensatory damages, which enjoys a long tradition in our society. In , President Lyndon B. The situation is akin to the Jews who survived the Holocaust.
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Affirmative Action is Reverse Discrimination Essay example