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Inside the dining room of many nationwide offices, Joe Smith, manager of HR, is downing a sandwich and soda while wading through phone and E-mail messages Electronic document management systems can provide an audit trail of when documents are received or sent.

It is a commitment you make to put customers at the heart of your enterprise. Necessity is the mother of invention. And there is no end in sight, even with regular winnowing.

So, why go paperless? IT has come to play an important role in virtually all large successful organizations in relation to computerized accounting systems, word processing, filing information in databases, modeling the future of the business through spreadsheets, maintaining stock control.

Electronic documents can be signed digitally and routed for the next step quickly, reliably, and securely. Generally, they involve some form of image compression technology that produces smaller raster images or use optical character recognition OCR to convert a document into text.

The advancement of technology over the years has seen the invention of accessories that can eliminate writing and reading on paper. The bottleneck areas are the patient in-take and out-take or registration area of the patient reception desk However, there is a concern that technology has gone so far that organisations and offices might become both paper and people less in the future.

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But it can also run alongside many other programs without any problems. Previously large business focused on such essential business parameters as scale, cost and control. It did not stop there, of course: paper attracts paper.

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The Paperless Office and Paperless Society Will Never Happen