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Poetry Recitation Patriotic songs and poetry is sung by people to rejoice the event and remember the great souls who selflessly sacrificed their lives so that their fellow citizens could live in an independent country. Millions of Indians have lost their lives in the freedom fight.

Understudies give discourse regarding the matters of opportunity contenders on the Independence day festivity in schools. This is a reminder of what we have achieved and what values we enshrine. India is a country where a huge number of individuals live respectively whether they have a place with different religions, societies or conventions and praise this exceptional event with extraordinary euphoria.

It is celebrated with immense zeal across the country. As the Prime Minister delivers a stately speech, millions tune in through their television sets looking towards the head of our government for direction. We celebrate Independence Day in remembrance of those who sacrificed their lives to give us an independent nation and also to rejoice the freedom rendered to us.

This feeling of gratefulness and humble attitude is missing in the younger generation. In schools and colleges, the speech is usually delivered by the principal. People sit and enjoy food together during these events. The center white shading contains a naval force blue shading Ashoka Chakra which has 24 equivalent spokes.

15 august essay in english

Celebrations begin with the head of the institution hoisting the national flag in presence of students and other staff members. It is celebrated by each and every citizen of India with great zeal and courage because Independence Day means a lot to them and very important.

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Sweet Distribution: Sweets are distributed after flag hoisting.

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Independence Day (15 August) Essay for Children & Students