Emotional hijacking

Emotional intelligence, which can be thought of as the opposing process to emotional hijacking, has a genetic heritability of. There are some situations where it is virtually impossible to avoid an emotional hijacking.

When other people get angry There are two phases or aspects to maintaining emotional control when other people get angry and you sense the danger that you might, in turn, suffer an emotional hijack. Download This blog is about ideas and issues that interest me. Engaging in this type of contemplative thought increased my self-awareness and inspired further insights.

emotional hijacking in relationships

The plane he was waiting to board was cancelled. For example: denial of particular feelings; acting-out behaviour which provokes responses in other people and creates so much furor that the original emotional stimulus can be ignored; oppositional defiance, which is a trademark of some young people, who find a way to deal with their feelings of impotence and uncertainty by opposing everything you say, do or stand for as a way to try to deal with what their feeling.

From that hijacked state, that condition where your brain is flooded with electro-chemicals, you still have options. What is an emotional hijacking?

Such kind of behaviour will also increase the stress level of the person.

emotional hijacking the trigger to an unhealthy mind
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Amygdala hijack