Election of 1824

Presidential candidate. By mid-October, the twenty-four states of the Union were poised to begin choosing a president. Adams would have said that no price was worth paying for the sacrifice of principle, but there is no sign that he believed at the time that he had done any such thing.

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But Adams understood that reassuring Clay and his followers would put Kentucky in his column, and probably Ohio and Missouri as well. Meanwhile Crawford trailed well behind with just forty-one votes.

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He wanted it, but he did not want to want it. The Jacksonians, of course, overstated their case; after all, Jackson fell far short of a majority in the general vote in In the complementary EDSITEment lesson, " The Campaign of Andrew Jackson and the Growth of Party Politics ," students review the election of , study the personalities and issues in the election of , and analyze statistics reflecting voting participation rates from to and voting results in to gauge the impact of Andrew Jackson's election and the new trends in the electorate. Andrew Jackson was the wild card of the race. However, Jackson was not one to decline such a request. And in any case, he had admitted to himself that nothing could cool off the fire of his ambition. Curriculum Details Preparation Instructions Review the lesson plan. Schlesinger, Jr. In Lesson Three and Extending the Lesson, students will look at a variety of evidence to see if it indicates whether there was a "corrupt bargain" in John Quincy Adams's victory in the presidential election. It was the first election in which a sizable number of states were electing their Presidential electors by popular vote. The election of came at a point of transition for the Presidential election system. He played the game of politics because he wanted to be president far more than he could ever admit to himself. The ensuing battles would transform politics, leading to a new democratic culture as well as to the Democratic Party. Taught in order as a unit, the lessons are structured like a mystery in which the author reveals the solution-that is, the results of the election-at the beginning. And Adams won nowhere outside New England, though he had picked up votes throughout the country.

National Archives: U. What is the purpose of the Electoral College?

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Direct election was replacing selection by state legislatures as the method for choosing electors, increasing the importance of the popular vote. Clay Supported Adams In early JanuaryAdams had invited Clay to visit him at his residence, and the two men spoke for several hours.

Andrew Jackson was the wild card of the race.

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Before the House met a scandal erupted when a Philadelphia newspaper published an anonymous letter claiming that Clay would support Adams in return for an appointment as Secretary of State.

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The Election of John Quincy Adams