Describe the extent to which an organization meets objective of different stakeholder

In policies to support in the objective decision making are effective. Suppliers and other creditors are interested in information that enables them to determine whether amounts owing to them will be paid when due.

Shareholders Shareholders have a stake in the firm through their share ownership. Employees include both management and subordinate staffs are concerned about the strength and profitability of their businesses which enables to evaluate the ability of the business to provide job satisfaction, job security, motivation, self-actualization, payment, leaving benefits and employment opportunities Needham, D et al, This is called social investing.

The economy is limited thus government needs to opportunity cost. You might have to persuade one set of stakeholders to postpone gratification. Operation is affected by an organizational culture, direction and management style of environmental changes as employee inspiration.

The structure identifies laws and regulations that help the organization to maintain compliance. To become certified as a Benefit Corporation, companies need to reach a score of at least 80 and must be recertified every two years.

Businesses have policies that implemented through acquiring process.

Why do stakeholders in the same organization often have different goals

There are more than 2, companies worldwide that have been certified as B Corps, including Method, W. In addition, great harm was being done to the ocean because it was being overfished. They also require information in order to regulate the activities of enterprises, determine taxation policies and as the basis for national income and similar statistics. Some forces are directly and some are indirectly operating of the business 3 Task — 1 1. For example, a social investment fund might eliminate from consideration the securities of all companies that make tobacco products or liquor, manufacture weapons, or have a history of being environmentally irresponsible. Over time business activity is to increasing income. Allocation of duties is a factor in organizational responsibilities. This includes employees, customers, shareholders, trade unions, management, customers, communities and vendors. Agencies are concerned in the distribution of resources and the activities of business.

Although several groups were already working to improve the commercial fishing industry, he observed that one key group was not part of the discussion: consumers. Operation is an essential to organizational responsibilities to run and success of the organization.

Land and resources is to shatter because of controlling policy.

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