Death penalty reaction paper

Revenge only glorifies violence, which is most definitely not the message the world strives to display.

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Putting people to death by capital punishment is not cost effective. A death penalty is irreversible. Executions are just as likely to create martyrs whose memory becomes a rallying point for their organizations.

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My ten-year-old brother asked me last year why we have the death penalty. What is more, in most cases, criminals that carried out such terrible crimes are mentally unstable. Resources spent on the lengthy process of death penalty could have been spent on more usefull things.

Reaction paper about death penalty in the philippines 2017

What is more, it is not wise to waste big money being in harsh economic conditions. In alone, Fiji, Madagascar and Suriname all turned their backs on the death penalty once and for all. First of all, they state that death penalty cannot be considered as a moral, humane punishment. The paper presents the brief history of the issue under the question, gives the main arguments against the death penalty, and draws to a logical conclusion. The death penalty is one form of severe punishment in the United States. Hirby 1. Nevertheless, based on the present-day justice system, the state is able to set an action, as a punishment, to deal with someone who committed an awful crime. Death penalty has been a part of human society and is legally approved for centuries.

What can be done since the sentence is irreversible? A person that will be finally sentenced to death can spend millions as well as years trying to appeal and reduce charges.

Death penalty reaction paper

Violent crime Violent crime is a major problem in the United States. Neverhteless, when utilizing any method to execute the criminal, there were many flawed attemps that led to intense suffering and unbearable pain of those who were sentenced to death. Is there a humane way to execute? Still the decision to execute someone cannot be decided by public opinion. As a rule, those who are sentenced to death have committed one or a number of cruel, bloody murders. I believe that we should have the death penalty, and that it helps prevents more crime from happening. Therefore, million dollars were spent on carrying out death penalty. In alone, Fiji, Madagascar and Suriname all turned their backs on the death penalty once and for all. This is contradictory and completely illogical.

The government should take notice of these polls and reconsider if the death penalty is justified and ethical. People began to acknowledge the risks involved with executions.

Is there a humane way to execute? The first methods of executions include, but are not limited to: burning on the stake, hangings, or being shot down by a firing.

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Is there a chance that the accused is innocent? Cardell American Lit 06 Mar.

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Death Penalty Essay