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SeatGeek The ticket industry is backward technologically. Most importantly, it is a sustainable process. While several outsourced positions will be eliminated, there will be many more high-skilled, higher-paying jobs created as a result.

WhatsApp WhatsApp takes the outsourcing story in another direction…primarily to Russia. Business Beyond being a cost-cutting measure, software outsourcing can be a significant source of innovation and growth in both early-stage companies and large corporations.

Companies that outsource their customer service

Can you imagine? Apple, IBM and Cisco Systems are just a few of the companies that outsource customer support, production, web development and other services. IBM outsources software development to maintain a competitive advantage, improve operating margins and keep its costs low. As looms into the horizon, more companies and businesses should consider outsourcing services as the primary strategy to navigate itself through expected economic turbulence. TransferWise TransferWise is a widely successful global money transfer service. These reps were handling over 10, calls a week. For the first few years, Fernandez worked on the startup and his product by himself. You can hire people who are ready to start work without much training. As the business grew, however, some of the Russian developers were relocated to the US. Outsourcing is one of the biggest global employment generators. WhatsApp Outsources Software Development The popular messaging app has been outsourcing software development services since its beginnings. Problem was he had nothing that could have helped him do that : no prototype, no customers, no fundings. Which industries are doing the most outsourcing?

The purpose of this article is not to toot the horn of already established companies, but to show you how these companies used outsourcing to grow from small teams to global leaders. Back inthey had over 1, reps from 60 different countries. However, how long this trend will last is uncertain, as Cisco is also pushing for a law to be passed that will allow the company to bring a large percentage of its capital back into the United States without having to pay a high tax.

list of companies that outsource information technology
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Successful Companies That Outsourced Their Development