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We also encourage businesses to organise Clean Ups on any day of the year. Click here to learn more. If you would like to conduct a Clean Up on private land, you will have to get the landholder's permission. Where do I leave the rubbish at the end of my Clean Up?

We also suggest getting in contact with as many registered volunteers as possible and encouraging them to bring along a pair of gardening gloves and a rubbish collection bag. Roadside Clean Ups should only be carried out on Municipal Council roads.

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How can my business get involved in Clean Up Australia Day? Please try to register at least 2 weeks before the event to guarantee delivery of your kit.

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Arterial Roads including Highways and Freeways cannot be registered for Clean Ups due to health and safety reasons. Download additional materials here. Do I need to bring anything with me? School Clean Ups are designed for primary schools and younger children given the smaller sized materials we distribute and your school can either get involved on our annual Schools Clean Up Day or at any day throughout the year. Simply register as a school site and be sure to check out Clean Up Australia's Schools Climate Kit including lesson plans which is a great resource for schools and students. Please check also the Safety section on our website. Please inform any registered volunteers of this postponement and think about how you will inform any volunteers who turn up on the day. Send us your rubbish report. The Clean Up logo is trade marked, so you will need our permission to use it. Find out more. Be seen supporting your community in its attempt to clean up Australia. Your local council may be able to help you identify a potential site if you aren't familiar with the area.

On the Day You will need to ensure that you follow the procedures outlined in the Site Guide.

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