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The email should be at least words Students can use an informal register I reckon that one of the strategies that may help students find an order for their ideas is giving them the chance to work on the same text.

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I believe this task also helps student to understand and work out meaning of words from context. For example which advert? It is a useful area to explore as students will pick up a few words used in advertisements and hence generate interest in learning the language. Pre teaching I will prepare an activity of an e-mail cut-out in a series of cards and instruct students to reorder them to make a complete e mail. I will encourage students to read text for detail. Do you think it is cheaper to book a flight online or in person? If your assignment does not meet the specified criteria, you will be asked to resubmit it. It is readable. As this group of students would benefit from further development of speaking skills and given their general interest in travels and tips for trips, for productive skills, I have devised some questions for the students. Do you think you might use her tips in the future? CELTA is an intensive four-week course of study. The final product may then be substantially similar to the original, especially in terms of layout but with substitutions of content. Do you walk to exercise instead of going to the gym? Elicit understanding of the instructions with ICQs and distribute the questionnaire.

Do you think its good for your heart to walk? The learners reside in London and come from EU countries mostly Italyand motives for learning the English language vary. Though the article is lengthy, the first paragraph throws enough insight about the author.

This topic has a universal appeal and is not culturally biased. Developing the task I direct the learners to the questions for general discussion by displaying the questions on the board.

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Reading Task 2 Read the text and choose if the statement is true or false. He loved telling stories with pictures. It is an important factor in considering your application.

The students will have a basic understanding on how to do the task.

Celta assignment3

The article also has contemporary relevance as the author blends photography with nature, as the world is desperate to conserve it. First, these reading skills are worth practising in their own right because they are frequently used in real life reading. Watch out: What makes a flight expensive? Students to be invited to respond individually with a personal opinion. Most of the text has proper names of places which will help students identify Capitalization of Proper Nouns. Ask students to scan the selected authentic material for the following two specific questions, i. Following the corrected activity they can now write the e-mail on their own. Receptive Skills Reading skills include the sub-skills reading for gist reading for specific information reading for detailed comprehension intensive reading task Lead-in : A lead-in question to set the context of the reading. This was the gist task, the example of one of the exercises, remember that you have to provide at least two, okay? Do you think it is cheaper to book a flight online or in person? What was the price of the cheapest and the most expensive flight in your life? If students have not found the answers to a specific section of the task, it would be necessary to play the recording again Scrivener p.

Therefore by setting up this task I build interest in the text, prepare the students to predict the subject they will read and give them a chance to think of what they already know about the subject which enhances the understanding process.

Since mine was a video, my appendix was like that: By the way, this youtube channel Sonia Travelsis fantastic for you to use as authentic material for classes based on trips and travels.

Scrivener, Reading Task 2 2 The task is to scan the text for specific information.

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So I decided to pick an article that I spotted on a webpage a few days ago, it is a real news which reports the fact that young Chinese girls are literally queuing up to have their legs broken in order to be better able to find a rewarding job or a handsome husband once the 18 - month treatment is over. Developing the task I will display the gist question and give students time to think about the questions. This kind of task helps students to quickly skim for main topics example from newspapers, magazines or adverts. Ask ICQs and advise time limit of 3 minutes. It is also biographical, as the author narrates his experiences, thus the reader can bond with the narrator. The text is about the top UK railway walks. Gayatri Krishnan Page 1 Although there are plenty of new vocabulary items in the article, I think students would not have any significant difficulties in grasping the overall meaning of the text. Rationale: I have chosen a scanning task for the students. The rest of the vocabulary issues which does not impede the set tasks can be dealt with matching words with meaning or synonyms at the pre-reading stage. Enquire from students how long they have already been in South Africa and what they personally enjoy about living here. The email should be at least words Students can use an informal register I reckon that one of the strategies that may help students find an order for their ideas is giving them the chance to work on the same text. There are two reasons to use the first two reading task skimming and scanning.
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