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Using unique features of the British Household Panel Study, the analysis compares differences in parents' employment patterns and outcomes between pairs of siblings born in the s.

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The effects of fathers' employment on the outcomes studied were generally less important than those of mothers' paid work. Consider all aspects of what you're selling including its quality, its perceived image, availability, warranties, support and customer service.

Do they have the right experience? Many parents end up spending a large share of their paychecks for child care and still are not happy with the quality of the care their children receive.

The effects of the mothers employment on the family and the child

On the favourable side, longer periods of employment by the father during his children's pre-school year reduced the chances that they would experience high levels of psychological distress or economic inactivity as young adults. The effects of fathers' employment on the outcomes studied were generally less important than those of mothers' paid work. The children are not available at home for a large part of the day. With both parents working, the need for mutual support and communication is even more important. Longer periods of work by fathers when their children were pre-schoolers tended to: - reduce the child's risk of unemployment and other economic inactivity in early adulthood; - reduce the child's risk of experiencing psychological distress as a young adult; - reduce the child's chances of obtaining A-level qualifications or their equivalent. Will the families struggling to survive see any relief? Unless an early return to full-time employment can be shown to produce substantial longer-term gains in family income, it might be better for policy-makers to encourage part-time employment by one parent during a child's pre-school years. Consider advertising, sales, PR, branding, direct marketing, partnerships, and social media. Kay Lynn Ruth Hurst English Comp 1 08 October The Cause and Effect of Low Income Jobs on Family Life While researching the cause and effect of the economy on low wage workers, the discovery of how the families struggle on a daily basis to juggle work, child care, transportation and family well-being was astounding. Can your server handle traffic spikes? Is your distribution efficient and cost-effective? Each of these branches can contain additional branches. Yet this type of between family comparison has been the basis of all previous research on this topic. Is your product sold in the right stores or neighborhoods? In the service industry, these are described as the 4S: Surroundings.

Are new people adequately trained? While some families are two parent homes, only one is able to work due to the cost of child care.

Feminisation of the workforce

This emphasises the need to take account of other factors that affect outcomes like children's educational achievements, such as their mother's own educational attainments. Are there well-written and appropriate training guidelines in place? A mother who successfully manages both an outside job and parenthood provides a role model for her child. But, on the other hand, a mother who returned to full-time employment early in her child's life may also have maintained and acquired skills that increased her family's income over the entire childhood of the child. Time your return to work so that stress is minimal. Is the training consistent? This small variation in father's employment across families and over time makes it more difficult to identify the impact of fathers' employment. In fact, child care seems to have some important benefits for young children. This now raises the question, if the mother is not home with the kids, how are the children effected? For this reason, estimates of the relationship between children's outcomes and parents' employment patterns that are based on comparisons of young adults from different families are unlikely to identify the 'effect' of parents' employment patterns. Are new people adequately trained? What used to be the mother's duty, is now being placed upon the daycare centers. Is your product sold in the right stores or neighborhoods?

Could the way you measure be inconsistent in some way? The researchers would have expected that any impact of a potential lack of maternal control associated with mothers' full-time employment would mainly operate when the daughter was a teenager, ages at which the study found a favourable impact of full-time employment.

Take the time to prepare yourself and your family, so that the adjustment is as easy as possible for everyone.

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With both parents working, the need for mutual support and communication is even more important. If the positive impact of long-term increases in family income is enough to offset the adverse impacts of full-time employment when the child is a pre-schooler, then a policy of encouraging mothers back to full-time employment could still produce gains for children. Each of these branches can contain additional branches. Are there any potential problems with your company culture? I also have to deal with my child getting sick more often. It also increased the probability that the child suffers from psychological distress as a young adult by about 5 percentage points. I am a single mother and I have to take my daughter to daycare five days a week. The American Job Act is being put forward by the President to expand employment opportunities for communities that have been particularly hard hit by the recession and for workers who may take longer to get back on their feet due to greater income losses and smaller savings than higher income worker The American Jobs Act, 1. Are there too many dropped phone calls?

Having quality child care and a good relationship with the caregiver also can ease some of the worry.

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