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It has been observed thorough their investigation and empirical evidences that some organisations are capable of creating more motivation and commitment among their employees than others and its causes are beyond the notion of environmental, strategic, and structural issues of the organisation.

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Individuals are not restricted to follow organizational hierarchy and they are respected and rewarded according to their talent and creativity.

These people are easy to work with and know how to behave and work within a team. Concepts describing organizational structures have figured most prominently in so-called closed- system or rational models of organizations.

Organizational structure and culture definition

This network of social and friendly groups forms another structure in the organisation which is called informal organisational structure. Every individual has a distinctive personality due to which he responds differently to a situation as compared to others. The informal organisational structure gets created automatically and the main purpose of such structure is getting psychological satisfaction. Disturbance handler: The manager has to resolve the issues and conflicts arise within the organization. Advantages of Formal Organisation: 1. In the same way, employees at different level have different authority and power levels to carry out the tasks assigned to them. So there is no chance of duplication or overlapping of work.

This raises, of course, the issue of validity; and it is not of central concern here as it can be argued that formal representations of reporting relationships and rules are themselves of interest. Therefore, coordination facilitates in several management concepts 4.

Principle of unity of objectives. Systematic Working: Formal organisation structure results in systematic and smooth functioning of an organisation.

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The leadership style signifies the nature of the leader and the way he carries out the leadership within the organization. Effective communication is important 12 Principle of personal ability For sound organization, human resources is important.

The authority delegated should be equal to responsibility 7.

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It involves the systematic and continuous process of telling, listening and understanding opinions ideas, feelings, information, views etc, in flow of information.

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